Customizing Your Encompass® Experience with Essential LOS Plugins

Customizing Your Encompass® Experience with Essential LOS Plugins

Customizing Your Encompass® Experience with Essential LOS Plugins

Encompass® is a powerful loan origination system (LOS) that provides mortgage lenders with a comprehensive solution for managing their loan origination processes. One of the key benefits of Encompass® is its ability to integrate with third-party plugins that can enhance the functionality and customization options of the system.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some essential Encompass® LOS plugins that can improve your workflow and help you optimize your loan origination processes.

Some essential and feature-rich plug-ins that can help you customize your Encompass® software.

Folder Move

The Folder Move is a plug-in with various features designed specifically for loan officers. Moves loans when saved, meeting certain criteria on the loan. For example, automatically move a loan from prospects to pipeline based on any conditions. With this plug-in, you can easily manage your loan pipeline, track your progress on each loan, and receive alerts when important events occur, such as when a loan is approved or when it’s time to follow up with a client.

Auto-assign Loans

Need to have the Branch Manager, Regional Manager, or Production Manager auto-assigned to a loan without having to assign each manager personally? With this plug-in, you can do so. Based on the Org ID (Organization ID), a mapping config file can be set to assign specific users to a loan. Now, management reporting is much easier to accomplish with this auto-assigning plug-in.

Round Robin Assignment

This plug-in is every underwriter’s dream underwriting tool. The Round Robin Plugin is an automated underwriting plug-in that helps verify a borrower’s portfolio efficiently and eliminate the chances of any risks. It imports all loan programs to the plug-in and allows the user to select which loan program will be assigned to an underwriter. Once the program is assigned, the plug-in will assign the loan program in a round-robin format to the underwriters.

Report Scheduler

Reporting is an essential part of data analytics and helps provide business insights. Report Scheduler plug-in that can help you generate Excel reports within minutes. It mimics the report engine in Encompass® and uses the Windows Task Scheduler to generate Excel reports from Encompass® on a schedule. This report scheduling helps evaluate and track the day-to-day performance. Options are available to save to network location, email to users, or FTP to vendors. The plug-in application requires a PC with Encompass® and SDK installed to smooth the integration.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a plug-in that helps you unlock files without waiting for access. Simply request unlocks and receive messages back and forth that enable seamless collaboration and better productivity. For example, if user 1 is in the file and user 2 wants to access it, this will send back-and-forth messages.

HMDA Credit Score

It is a plug-in that lets you easily update HMDA credit scores for multiple borrower pairs with just a few clicks. It captures the chosen credit score and source of the loan. This plug-in can help you streamline your workflows and improve your borrower’s experience.

Property Address Validation

Property Address Validation plugin can help you verify property addresses for USPS to check if it is correct or fake. Choose the form to trigger the plug-in and simply type the property address on the loan. Then, API checks the USPS website for an accurate address and updates the fields with the correct address. This plug-in can help you save time and reduce errors in your lending workflows.

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