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Imagine a scenario: It’s the end of a busy day, and your team has just reviewed several loan applications. Some approved enthusiastically, but some fell into the adverse action category.

Denials and adjustments – are all part of the lending journey. But here’s the twist: Are you managing them with effectiveness, precision, and a strategy that eradicates any possibility of errors?


    In the fast-paced world of mortgage lending, efficient management of adverse actions is crucial. The manual handling of denied or modified loan applications can be time-consuming, error-prone, and can lead to inconsistencies in communication and documentation. Mortgage lenders require a seamless solution to automate the adverse action workflow, ensuring compliance, accurate communication, and organized file management.


    Encompass® Adverse Action Manager is an innovative plugin designed to revolutionize how mortgage lenders handle adverse actions within the Encompass® Loan Origination System. This plugin automates the entire process, from identifying loans meeting adverse action criteria to sending out emails and organizing crucial documents - all without manually opening Encompass®.

    Features of Encompass® Adverse Action Manager

    Quick Application of Conditions

    Smart Criteria Configuration

    Define your criteria for identifying loan applications subject to adverse actions. Customize the plugin to match your business rules, incorporating factors such as credit scores, income thresholds, and documentation completeness.

    Credit Source Recording

    Automated Email Communications

    Say goodbye to manual email drafting. The Adverse Action Manager automatically sends personalized emails to applicants, clearly explaining the decision, providing reasons, and offering guidance for future applications.

    Data Exchange with Back End Systems

    Effortless File Management

    With a few clicks, files related to adverse action cases are systematically moved to designated folders. This ensures easy access to critical information and simplifies record-keeping and compliance audits.

    Multi Layered Condition Criteria

    Scheduled Batch Processing

    Set up the plugin to run on your schedule - daily, nightly, or as needed. Every flagged application will undergo the necessary adverse action procedures without manual intervention.

    Benefits of Encompass® Adverse Action Manager


    Time Savings

    Automating adverse action workflows reduces manual effort, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.



    Ensure uniform communication and documentation for all adverse action cases, minimizing the risk of errors or compliance issues.


    Better Customer Experience

    Prompt and clear communication with applicants, along with guidance, can help maintain positive customer relationships.


    Regulatory Compliance

    Accurate and standardized adverse action procedures help you stay compliant with industry regulations.


    Efficiency Boost

    The plugin's streamlined processes lead to faster turnaround times, benefiting your team and applicants.

    Empower your mortgage lending team with automated adverse action workflows. Say goodbye to manual inconsistencies and hello to precision, efficiency, and enhanced borrower experiences

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