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Unlock the power of automation and efficiency in your loan origination process with the Field Update XML Plugin, exclusively designed for Encompass®. Bid farewell to the frustrations of manual data entry and usher in a fresh era of effortless, precise, and swiftly executed field updates for your loans.


    Manual data entry has been a persistent challenge in the ever-evolving landscape of loan origination. The need to update fields accurately and consistently across numerous loans often leads to errors, delays, and inefficiencies. Lenders seek a solution that eliminates redundancy, reduces processing time, and ensures data accuracy without imposing complex workflows.


    We've revolutionized how you manage loan data by developing a plugin that empowers you to define criteria, rules, and information for field updates using a simple XML file. Integrated into Encompass® LOS, this plugin automates the entire field update process, saving time, reducing errors, and ensuring data uniformity across your loan portfolio.

    Features of Encompass® Field Update XML

    Automated Form Generation

    XML-based Criteria

    Define rules and criteria for field updates using an intuitive XML file format. Customize the criteria to match your institution's specific requirements.


    Effortless Integration

    Plug & Play integration ensures a hassle-free setup within your existing Encompass® environment.

    Immediate Data Changes

    Automated Updates

    Once the loan meets the specified criteria, the plugin automatically updates the fields, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

    Maintenance of Original Conditions


    Tailor the plugin to suit your unique loan processing needs. Modify XML rules as your requirements evolve.

    Real time Updates


    Experience faster loan processing times, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—serving your clients effectively.

    Benefits of Encompass® Field Update XML


    Eliminate Redundancy

    Bid farewell to repetitive and error-prone manual data entry tasks. Let automation handle the updates.


    Enhance Accuracy

    The XML-based approach ensures that field updates are executed consistently and accurately, maintaining data integrity.


    Boost Efficiency

    Save precious hours with automated updates applied seamlessly, freeing your team's time for more valuable tasks.


    Streamlined Workflow

    Enjoy a smoother loan origination process as the plugin integrates with Encompass® LOS, aligning with your existing workflow.


    Flexible Customization

    Craft rules and criteria to match your institution's specific loan scenarios and policies, ensuring maximum flexibility.

    Revolutionize your workflow today. Streamline your loan processing, reduce errors, and elevate efficiency with a single click.

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