Encompass Data & Document Extractor $7,995.00

Envision an expert designer creating templates that align with your requirements. Simultaneously, advanced automated tools operate in the background, collecting and structuring information to suit your template. The result? Impeccably organized data, ready for your utilization.


    Extracting data and documents from Encompass® has long been a complex challenge. Manual processes lead to errors, inconsistencies, and wasted time. Auditing requirements demand precision, and the need for automation is clear. How can we simplify these intricate tasks?


    The Data & Document Extractor is your comprehensive answer. Designed to integrate with Encompass® seamlessly, this product empowers you to extract data and documents effortlessly for boarding to another image repository or for delivery servicing data to a subservicer Gain complete control over access, eliminate manual errors, and redefine your workflow with a perfectly tailored solution.

    Features of Encompass® Data & Document Extractor

    Easy Documentation

    Customizable Templates

    Craft and store multiple templates to align with unique client and system needs.

    Credit Source Recording

    Automated Data Extraction

    Effortlessly pull information based on criteria and format it according to your chosen template.


    Flexible Export Options

    Save files directly to your system, or effortlessly upload them to FTP/SFTP or HTTP.

    Loan Pricing

    Batch Loan Extraction

    Simplify workflows by uploading a .txt file containing a list of loans for extraction.

    Automated Reporting

    Document Handling

    Extract eFolder documents and package them neatly into convenient .zip files.

    Maintenance of Original Conditions

    XML-based Configuration

    Flexibility to create and modify export templates through XML configuration.

    Loan Folder Change

    Comprehensive Logs

    Receive detailed log files after each extraction, providing a full status and info rundown.

    Automated Form Generation

    Multi-Format Support

    Export data in Excel, CSV, or TXT formats, ensuring compatibility with various systems.

    scheduled automation

    Scheduled Automation

    Set up automated data extraction at specific intervals for optimal efficiency.

    user permission

    User Permissions

    Configure user roles and permissions to control access and data extraction capabilities.

    Immediate Data Changes

    Data Transformation

    Apply data transformation rules during extraction to meet specific formatting requirements.

    Error Reduction

    Advanced Error Handling

    Receive alerts and notifications for any extraction errors, ensuring prompt resolution.

    Benefits of Encompass® Data & Document Extractor


    Time and Resource Efficiency

    Free up valuable time and resources by automating manual data extraction tasks.


    Error Reduction

    Automated processes eliminate the risk of human errors, ensuring precision in every extraction.


    Audit Confidence

    Ensure audit compliance with accurately extracted data and consistent formatting.


    Enhanced Workflow

    Streamline your workflow with automated features, leading to higher productivity.


    Data Security

    Maintain data security with controlled access, allowing only authorized personnel to handle sensitive information.


    Immediate Returns

    Witness immediate ROI as productivity skyrockets and the prevalence of manual tasks diminishes.

    Don’t allow data extraction to hinder your progress. Embrace the future of streamlined data management.

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