Bullseye Metrics: Your Ultimate Business Intelligence Tool

Welcome to a new era of business intelligence! At ATI, we’re not just a software solutions provider – but your strategic ally in achieving unparalleled success. We’ve been committed to providing cutting-edge technology expertise, tailor-made solutions, and unwavering support to the dynamic Mortgage Industry. Bullseye Metrics is a game-changing Business Intelligence (BI) tool that will transform how you make decisions and drive your business forward.

Challenging The Limitations



Bid farewell to productivity losses caused by time-consuming data fetching and dashboard design. Bullseye Metrics empowers you to focus on insights, not data processing.

User Frustration

Wave goodbye to clunky interfaces and convoluted tools. Our business intelligence tool boasts a user-friendly design that puts you in command.


Cost Intensive

Elevate your decision-making prowess without straining your budget. Our BI software empowers you to unlock insights cost-effectively.

Scarce Analytics

Centralize data from countless sources, ensuring impeccable data integrity and a holistic view of your business landscape.

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Mobile Support

Access your critical data anytime, anywhere. Say hello to a mobile-friendly solution that keeps pace with your busy life.

Discover the Remarkable Features


Elegant Dashboards

Beautifully curated role-specific dashboards that allow you to quickly glance at your entire company's performance.

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Push Notifications

Stay ahead with real-time notifications on vital events, from Lock Expiry to Field Changes.

Credit Report Ordering

Plugin + Report

Track loan progress and identify bottlenecks effortlessly. Make strategic decisions armed with actionable insights.


Mobile App

Empower busy executives to monitor KPIs on the move, ensuring you're always connected to critical data.

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SMS Notifications

Keep Loan Officers engaged and informed even on the go, facilitating efficient sales and communication.


Daily Email Reporting

Begin each day with clarity. Schedule daily reports to equip your team with insights from the get-go.

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Adhoc Reports

Seamlessly access updated data, perfect for office secretaries seeking the latest information.


Template-Based Presentations

Elevate presentations with professional PowerPoint exports directly from our business intelligence tool.

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Status Board

Transform loan status updates into an elegant visual experience, customizable to each company and role.



Cultivate competition and recognition among your staff with an interactive leaderboard displayed prominently.

Unleash the Power of Bullseye Metrics

Do you want to avoid incomplete data, clunky interfaces, and exorbitant price tags? Bullseye Metrics is your answer to these woes. Our BI tool is not just a product; it’s a promise to revolutionize your decision-making process with unparalleled features and benefits:



Seamlessly integrate Bullseye Metrics into your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition to data-driven insights.



Our user-centric design empowers every team member, regardless of technical expertise, to easily manipulate and analyze data.



Say goodbye to the days of budget constraints. Our business intelligence software offers unmatched functionality without the heavy price tag.


Highly Functional:

From personalized dashboards to real-time notifications, our data visualization tool empowers you to harness data in ways you never thought possible.

Unlock a World of Possibilities

Agility in Response

Total Flexibility

Imagine effortlessly blending critical data from various sources and crafting personalized reports and dashboards. With our BI tool's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, data visualization has never been easier.

Information Dashboard

Ease of Use

Empower each department to become architects of their own dashboards. No technical background is required – just your unique business perspective.

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Data Analytics

Elevate your presentations by utilizing accurate and reliable insights. Make informed decisions that propel your business growth.

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Data Integrity

Begin designing dashboards instantly by integrating data from diverse sources: no more silos, just cohesive insights.

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Share Dashboard & Reports

Collaborate across teams—export, share, and schedule dashboard data and reports to enhance collective decision-making.

Experience the Magic of Out-of-the-Box Dashboards

Executeive Dashboards

Gain a panoramic view of metrics spanning departments, with the ability to drill down into intricate loan-level data.

Tailored Department Dashboards

Dive into specialized role-specific dashboards tailored for each department such as Profit Story, Production, Sales, Processors, and Underwriters.

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Experience Data-Drive Decision-Making

Mark the beginning of your journey toward data-driven decision-making, where insights steer the course of your success.


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Bullseye Metrics prides itself on its user-friendly interface. Regardless of their technical background, anyone can easily create customized dashboards and reports using a drag-and-drop approach. Our goal is to make data analysis accessible to everyone within your organization.

Absolutely. Our BI software centralizes data from various sources, ensuring data integrity and providing a single source of truth. This means you can confidently base your decisions on accurate, consolidated information.

Bullseye Metrics offers a notification feature that keeps you updated on important events. Receive alerts for lock expiries, field changes, and other critical updates. Stay in the loop effortlessly and ensure you’re always aware of the latest developments.

Absolutely. Bullseye Metrics’ core functionalities, such as blending critical data, creating custom reports, and real-time analytics, are designed to cater to diverse industries. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset for businesses across sectors.

Our business intelligence tool allows users to create tailored dashboards and reports for their industry needs. While it may have originated with a mortgage industry focus, its adaptability ensures it can be molded to suit various industries.

Business intelligence tools significantly impact businesses by providing valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational inefficiencies, which directly affect a company’s bottom line. It assists organizations in increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving overall performance.

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