Encompass Loan Status Update $1,995

Experience a more intelligent approach to loan management with the introduction of the Loan Status Update plugin. Carefully designed to revolutionize how you monitor, communicate, and effectively manage loan status updates within your Encompass® instance.


    In the dynamic realm of lending, staying informed about loan status updates can become a complex puzzle. The manual juggling tasks, scattered communication, and overlooked details often lead to bottlenecks and inefficiencies, undermining the loan processing journey.


    Seamlessly embedding into the Encompass® LOS, this plugin empowers you to generate personalized PDF reports based on specific loan attributes. Moreover, these reports are automatically dispatched via email to the designated stakeholders, ensuring a smooth flow of information.

    Features of Encompass® Loan Status Update Plugin

    Easy Documentation

    Customized PDF Reports

    Craft reports that align perfectly with your loan's unique attributes.

    Credit Source Recording

    Automated Email Distribution

    Dispatch reports directly to Loan Officers, Buyers, Sellers Agents, and Buyers Agents.

    Customizable Milestone Spans

    Effortless Tracking

    Quickly access archived reports through the intuitive eFolder interface.

    User Friendly Interface 1

    User-Centric Design

    Streamline your workflow and reclaim precious time.

    Benefits of Encompass® Loan Status Update Plugin


    Empowered Loan Tracking

    Stay in the loop with clear and concise loan progress insights.


    Heightened Efficiency

    Free up valuable resources by automating redundant tasks.


    Seamless Communication

    Ensure all stakeholders are consistently updated with relevant information.


    Minimized Repetition

    Channel your efforts towards strategic activities, not manual data entry.


    Mitigated Oversights

    Reduce errors and delays by embracing an automated approach.

    Say goodbye to laborious manual updates and welcome a new era of enhanced efficiency. Elevate your loan management into a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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