E-Compensate Employee Commission Application

Are you tired of the complex and error-prone process of managing employee compensation using spreadsheets?
Welcome to E-Compensate, your ultimate solution for seamless and accurate employee commission management and onboarding.
Say goodbye to manual calculations, data discrepancies, and communication hassles.

Features That Set E-Compensate Apart

With our commission and onboarding management software, streamline your compensation planning process while keeping your employees happy.

LOS Integration Excellence

E-Compensate’s exceptional compatibility with popular Loan Origination Systems (LOS) such as Encompass, Byte Pro, and Meridian Link ensures a smooth data flow. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to accurate and up-to-date employee performance metrics.

Swift Onboarding and Integration

Experience onboarding like never before with our employee onboarding software. Our system connects with multiple departments at once, effortlessly integrating with your organization’s existing structure. This means you’re up and running in no time.

Flexible Payment Structures

Switching between different payment structures is now a breeze using our commission management software. Manage multiple payment plans simultaneously, including Basic Points System (BPS), tiered plans, and bonus-based structures. Customize your compensation strategy to align with your business goals.

Effortless Communication

Bid farewell to miscommunication with our onboarding management system. E-Compensate enables easy employee communication and ensures automatic receipt of written commission authorizations. Rest assured that your compensation plans are communicated clearly and efficiently.

Automated Calculations

No more manual number crunching. Whether it’s fixed compensation, tiered plans, or bonuses, E-Compensate’s automated calculations cover everything. Base your plans on units, volume, branch production, or other metrics, and let the application handle the complexities.

Tailored Workflows

Customize commission approval workflows that fit your organization’s structure. From employee-to-branch manager to multi-level approval processes, E-Compensate adapts to your needs, ensuring the right eyes review and approve commissions.

Insightful Dashboards

Gain a panoramic view of your sales commission distribution through E-Compensate’s intuitive dashboards, powered by our commission tracking system. Executives, managers, and employees can access relevant insights and trends while maintaining data security through permissions-based access.

User-Focused Design

Our platform empowers users to effortlessly access the needed features, reducing the learning curve and enhancing overall usability. Enjoy a visually pleasing design coupled with straightforward interactions, making commission management a breeze for all users.

How We Make Your Mortgage Life Easy


Configure Your Plans

Make your commission plans effortlessly within our commission management software, tailoring them to your unique business requirements.


Seamless Data Pull

Integrate with your chosen LOS to pull employee performance data seamlessly. Bid adieu to manual data entry and ensure accuracy across the board.


Initiate Commissions

Trigger the automated commission calculation process based on the criteria defined in your compensation plans.

Experience Excellence

Enjoy a hassle-free compensation management process that ensures accurate payouts and empowers your employees' journey through our employee onboarding software.

Looking For Something Else?

Find answers to common questions about our E-Compensate.
E-Compensate is a comprehensive web-based employee commission application designed to streamline the management of employee sales commissions and onboarding processes. It offers robust features to simplify compensation planning, automate calculations, and enhance organizational communication.
Yes, E-Compensate facilitates effortless communication by providing features for easy employee communication and automatic receipt of written commission authorizations. This ensures transparency and clarity throughout the authorization process.
E-Compensate allows you to customize commission approval workflows to match your organization’s structure. You can define multi-level approval processes, such as employee-to-branch manager or employee-to-branch manager-to-HR manager, ensuring accurate and accountable approvals.
Our commission management software maintains data security through permissions-based access. You can control who can access specific information, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential.
Yes, E-Compensate’s automated calculations simplify even the most intricate compensation plans. Whether fixed compensation, tiered plans, or bonus-based structures, our commission tracking system handles calculations accurately and efficiently.
E-Compensate empowers your organization’s compensation strategy by ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and transparency. With streamlined employee onboarding software processes, flexible commission calculations, and insightful dashboards, you can optimize your compensation planning for better business outcomes.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to reach out.

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