Encompass Loan Folder Move $1,295

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually organizing loans in Encompass®! The Loan Folder Move plugin from ATI brings automation to the process, allowing you to effortlessly manage loan folders without the risk of errors or oversight. Let the plugin handle the organization, so you can focus on what truly matters – closing loans and ensuring a smooth workflow.

    Problem Statement

    Encompass offers a valuable feature of loan folder organization, but the manual process of moving loans between folders can be time-consuming and error-prone. Building complex business rules to move loans may not always trigger correctly, leading to confusion and inefficiency. Admins and operational managers need a solution that automates the loan organization without the need for constant micro-management.


    The Loan Folder Move plugin streamlines loan organization in Encompass®. With this plugin, you have full control over what loans need to move, where they need to move, and when they should be moved. You can set up the rules, and the automation takes care of the rest. It's a "Set It and Forget It" solution that saves you valuable time and minimizes the risk of losing or misplacing loans.

    Features of Encompass Loan Folder Move

    User defined Rules

    User-defined Rules:

    Customize the criteria for loan folder transfers based on your business needs, including milestone completions, field data entries, status changes, and more. Ensure the right loans are placed in the right folders at the right time.

    Real time Updates

    Real-time Updates:

    The plugin ensures data changes are implemented immediately, providing your team with up-to-date loan folder assignments.

    Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity:

    By automating loan folder updates, your team can focus on critical tasks, enhancing productivity and smoother workflows.

    Error Reduction

    Error Reduction:

    With real-time data changes, your team has more time to review and verify, reducing costly errors due to incorrect folder designations.

    Benefits of Loan Folder Move


    Concise Pipelines:

    The automated loan organization creates more organized and concise pipelines, allowing users to focus on relevant loans and activities for the day.


    Enhanced User Satisfaction:

    By eliminating the need for manual folder transfers, end-users are freed from repetitive tasks, leading to higher satisfaction and improved morale.


    Improved Data Integrity:

    Put an end to data integrity issues arising from manual folder transfers, ensuring accurate and consistent loan data throughout Encompass®.


    Time Savings:

    The automation reduces clicks and administrative effort, enabling your staff to dedicate more time to essential tasks and client interactions.

    Smoother Operations, Better Results

    Transform your loan management experience with ATI’s Loan Folder Move Plugin. This automation tool will streamline your loan organization, boost team productivity, and eliminate errors. Don’t waste another minute on manual tasks – let the plugin do the work for you!
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    See how this remarkable tool can elevate your Encompass® LOS efficiency to unparalleled heights.

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