Encompass Auto Report Generator $3,495

If you’re a regular user of Encompass®, you’ll already know what a powerful tool it is. But what if there was a way to take it to the next level, automating some of the time-consuming manual tasks you have to do? That’s where the Plugin – Auto Report Scheduler comes in.


    Managing and generating reports manually can be a time-consuming and tedious task for Encompass® users. The process of initiating reports, saving them to different locations, sending them via email to specific recipients, or forwarding them to vendors can add significant workload and potential for errors. This manual effort detracts from the overall efficiency and productivity of users.


    By replicating the report engine of Encompass®, Auto Report Scheduler can generate Excel reports on a schedule that you set. And the best part? You can do this all without having to be there to initiate it. With the ability to save reports to network locations, email them to specific users, or FTP them to vendors, it's a handy application. The only requirement is that your computer has Encompass® and SDK installed, but if you've already got that, there's no reason why you can't get started right away.

    Features of Encompass Auto Report Scheduler


    Reports inside Email Body

    This feature allows users to receive reports directly in their email inbox. When sending a single report, the system can include the report within the email's body. This eliminates the need for users to download or open attachments separately, providing a convenient and streamlined way to access report information.

    Quick Application of Conditions

    Reports as Individual Attachments

    In cases where users have multiple reports to send, this feature enables the system to email each report as an individual attachment. Instead of combining all the reports into a single file, each report is sent as a separate attachment. This allows users to quickly identify and access specific reports without sifting through a consolidated document.

    Benefits of Encompass Auto Report Generator


    Saves Time and Energy

    Automating repetitive and manual tasks significantly reduces the time and effort required to generate reports. Instead of dedicating your valuable time to initiate and wait through report generation processes, Encompass® Report Generator plugin accomplishes these tasks on your behalf, freeing up time and resources to focus on other essential tasks.


    Better Resource Allocation

    The report scheduler plugin facilitates the generation of planned reports without needing to be present during report creation. This means that reports can be triggered during non-business hours when no one is present. Automation also means that manual errors, such as missing data or inconsistent formatting, are eliminated.


    Increased Efficiency

    Reports can be saved to network locations or emailed to specific users with just a few clicks. The flexibility and convenience of these options allow for easy and quick distribution, reducing the communication effort required to get reports to their intended recipients and providing a smooth and streamlined process.


    Accountability and Audit

    The plugin keeps a history log and tracking window to capture a record of all reports generated from Encompass®. This vital feature ensures that staff members remain accountable for the reports they generate, which is essential for audit purposes.


    Easy Integration

    Using the Encompass® platform and SDK allows for seamless integration with existing software and eliminates the need for additional tools. With the Auto Report Scheduler for Encompass®, necessary reports are generated quickly, organized, and with minimal effort, promoting timely and informed decision-making.

    Efficiency, accuracy, and convenience – that’s what the Auto Report Scheduler brings to the table. bon appétit! 

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