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LendingQB® or LQB, now called MeridianLink Mortgage, is a SaaS browser-based digital mortgage solution that makes loan processes faster and smoother. It enables lenders to handle loan origination more efficiently and uplift customer satisfaction. With proven web services, LendingQB software empowers financial institutions, including credit unions, banks, brokers, and other mortgage lenders, to deliver speedy and compliant loans.

LQB is an all-in-one loan origination system designed to simplify and improve the entire lending journey.

    LendingQB Features


    Open API Framework

    The LQB's Open API Framework is like a central hub that helps different systems work together. It makes it easy for partners and developers to connect to the LOS database. With this, they can access data and important functions like eDocs, the Total Decision Engine, and service ordering. LendingQB has over 250 partners and 300 service integrations, covering everything from starting a loan to finishing it. This API framework also lets lenders create their custom integrations.


    Business Rules Engine

    LendingQB® or MeridianLink Mortgage LOS is equipped with a powerful Business Rules Engine, offering unparalleled customization and automation capabilities. With this feature, lenders can tailor the creation of mortgage loan tasks, design workflows that align precisely with their business rules, and automate the resolution process. This not only enhances efficiency by reducing manual intervention but also ensures that the loan origination process is finely tuned to meet the unique needs and requirements of each lending institution.

    Loan Pricing

    PriceMyLoan (PML)

    At the heart of MeridianLink Mortgage LOS is the PriceMyLoan® feature, an automated underwriting and pricing powerhouse native to the LOS. The automated underwriting system enables swift and accurate assessments of loan applications, while the pricing and fee management tools allow lenders to dynamically adjust terms to remain competitive and profitable. PML ensures a streamlined underwriting and pricing process, contributing to quicker decision-making and improved overall loan management efficiency.

    Custom Security and Permissions


    LendingQB LOS prioritizes compliance with a range of automated integrations and robust tools. The system seamlessly integrates with various platforms to ensure adherence to regulatory standards. These automated integrations not only simplify the compliance process but also provide a proactive approach to staying updated with the evolving regulatory landscape. By leveraging this feature, lenders can navigate the complex regulatory environment confidently, minimizing the risk of non-compliance throughout the mortgage loan origination journey.

    decision engine

    Total Decision Engine (TDE)

    TDE is more than just a pricing tool; it's an automation tool that combines pricing and automated underwriting within the Loan Origination System (LOS). It makes work easier for many roles and helps prevent compliance issues. It can analyze credit to ensure more accurate pricing and eligibility. By using credit report data and automated conditions, TDE acts as a true automated underwriting system (AUS), leading to more precise loan decisions at the point of sale. The Automated Conditions Engine streamlines underwriting and loan approvals, and the Dynamic Fee Engine ensures a more accurate generation of closing costs during the sale.



    The e-Documents feature in LendingQB revolutionizes document management within the loan origination process. Lenders can seamlessly share, edit, package, and attach uploaded documents, fostering collaboration and efficiency. This centralized platform for document handling not only simplifies the sharing and editing process but also enhances transparency and communication among stakeholders. By streamlining document-related tasks, this feature contributes to a more organized and streamlined mortgage loan origination experience.

    How LendingQB Improves Mortgage Lending?

    LendingQB® significantly enhances the mortgage lending process through its premiere digital mortgage solution. The platform streamlines loan origination with a browser-based software-as-a-service model, offering proven web services that leverage automation, technology, and dedicated support. 

    Key features include the Open API Framework connecting to over 250 industry partners, the Total Decision Engine automating underwriting for more accurate loan decisions, and a comprehensive suite of tools maintaining regulatory compliance. LendingQB’s commitment to a true digital lending process, results in faster and more compliant loan processing, providing a superior mortgage lending experience for both lenders and borrowers.

    LendingQB Improves Mortgage Lending
    Work with LendingQB Experts

    Work with LendingQB Experts

    Awesome Technologies stands out in LendingQB implementation and integrations with our extensive experience. We specialize in meeting the modern technology needs of lending and mortgage clients. Our up-to-date technology stack and tools enable us to offer unparalleled solutions and services. What makes ATI unique is our team of dedicated experts who are committed to continuous learning and skill development. This ongoing improvement empowers us to consistently deliver top-rated services.


    ATI is not just a service provider; we are a reliable partner in your journey toward success in the ever-evolving landscape of lending and mortgages.

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    LendingQB’s headquarters can be found at 3560 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa.

    LendingQB serves as Loan Origination Software, offering a suite of functionalities including Compliance Management, Workflow Management, Document Management, and Collaboration.

    1. LendingPad
    2. The Loan Navigator
    3. OpenClose Lending Solution
    4. Encompass

    Yes! LendingQB does provide an API for users seeking integration and extended functionality.

    No, LendingQB does not offer a free plan.

    LQB is short for LendingQB. Now known as MeridianLink Mortgage, LQB is a cutting-edge mortgage loan origination platform, streamlining the process for lenders to provide compliant loans swiftly. Leveraging browser-based technologies, it enhances the origination of mortgage loans and their applications. This platform offers a comprehensive toolkit, allowing extensive customization while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

    If there’s anything else you’d like to know about LendingQB, feel free to reach out.


    With MeridianLink, go beyond the ordinary to empower your financial journey. Your path to lending excellence starts here, where innovation knows no bounds.

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    Our experts can work on every major LOS to make your mortgage operations swift.
    Lawrence Lebron
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    "Based in Southern California, our mortgage company experienced exponential growth over the last 18 months at it would not have been possible had it not for ATI. Their contribution tools and customization allowed us to manage our growth and reduce risk."
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    "In my tenured experience with ATI, I am unaware of a missed expectation. I continue to refer their services because our clients tell us, “They delivered what they promised.” Additionally, team-members are consummate professionals, and it’s with great confidence that I refer their services."
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    "ATI have been very effective in listening to our needs and then converting those ideas into actual results and processes in Encompass. Team’s experience in the mortgage industry with other companies has also helped. We believe we have avoided some delays and missteps by getting their feedback on what has and has not worked in the past."


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