Encompass USPS Property Address Verification $895.00

We respect the importance of accuracy in lending transactions. Our plugin ensures that the addresses you work with are genuine and valid. Have you ever encountered situations where incorrect addresses caused delays or complications? Our USPS Address Validation Plugin for Encompass® helps you avoid such scenarios by providing instant verification results. Doesn’t that give you peace of mind? We’re sure it does.


    As part of the lending process, lenders must verify the subject property address to confirm its authenticity. This is commonly done by manually entering the address into the USPS website, followed by clicking the "Validate" button and inputting the outcome into Encompass®.


    Our plugin automates the manual address verification process. All you need is to ensure that the Property Address is filled out. Once done, trigger the USPS Address Validation Plugin, and it will automatically verify the address through the USPS database. It will then show you a verified address through a pop-up message.

    Benefits of Address Verification

    The USPS Address Validation Plugin has several benefits to offer to Encompass® users

    Time and Cost Savings:

    By automating the address verification process, the plugin eliminates the need for manual verification, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. Lenders can save approximately 5-7 minutes of work per loan, resulting in significant time and cost savings in the long run.


    Improved Accuracy:

    The plugin ensures that accurate and validated addresses are used in loan applications. If a wrong address is entered, the plugin quickly prompts the user with the correct USPS address, reducing errors and potential delivery issues.


    Ready-To-Go Approach:

    USPS Address Validation Plugin for Encompass® is a "plug and play" solution, requiring only one day for installation, minimizing disruptions to workflow.


    Automated Documentation:

    With each address verification, our plugin automatically generates an address validation document, which is uploaded to the eFolder.


    Start Investing in Accuracy:

    Purchase the USPS Address Validation Plugin for Encompass® and enjoy significant time and cost savings.

    Don’t let slow address verification stand in the way of closing more deals!

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