Encompass Round Robin Assignment $2,495.00

If you feel overwhelmed micromanaging every file assignment and looking for a way out, the Round Robin Plugin for Encompass® is your solution. It’s all about automation and efficiency- distributing tasks to your team intelligently and productively. Imagine having a personal assistant who never takes a break and always does the job.


    Most of the time, manual loan assignment in Encompass® is prone to influence as loan officers may have personal preferences or unintentional biases, leading to unfair distribution of loan tasks. While unautomated allocation can be time-consuming, requiring loan officers to handle each loan task individually, it may also lack optimization due to negligence of factors such as loan complexity, officer expertise, or workload balance. Moreover, manual distribution requires constant monitoring and adjustment because task priorities or resource availability can change, making redistribution of the workload fairly and efficiently a challenge. Manual loan assignment is also often exposed to human errors, including oversight, miscommunication, or wrong loan task assignment.


    Round Robin Plugin for Encompass® allocates the tasks in a cyclical order to loan officers. Each individual receives an equal payload before the cycle restarts, ensuring fairness in assignment distribution. Suppose task priorities change or certain loan officers become unavailable due to workload or other reasons. In that case, the Round Robin Plugin can dynamically redistribute the work to maintain an optimal distribution of tasks. By automating the entire process, the tool reduces the risk of human errors associated with manual work. With exceptional monitoring and reporting features, loan managers can oversee job distribution, monitor task progress, and identify potential issues.

    Benefits of Round Robin Assignment Plugin


    Improved Productivity:

    Want to know how to be more productive with minimal effort? It's easy - use the Round Robin Plugin! You'll finally be able to focus on the fun stuff, like underwriting and quality control, instead of spending time assigning files. Plus, with automation, you'll be able to turn around loans faster than ever.


    Fair and Equitable Distribution:

    The plugin distributes the files equally among team members, eradicating the risk of any member being overburdened or underutilized.


    Load Balancing:

    This Encompass® plugin has built-in selection criteria that allocate files based on rules like program type, user capacity, and workload distribution. Consequently, files get distributed more evenly, making managing a higher volume of loan programs easier.


    Customizable Options:

    With high flexibility and customization capabilities, this plugin can be altered to meet your organization's specific needs. For instance, you can configure the plugin to assign files in a particular order based on priority or other factors.

    With built-in selection criteria and load balancing, Round Robin Plugin for Encompass® completely automates file assignments and distributes them to the appropriate users in a round-robin style. So sit back, relax, and let the plugin do the work!

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