Encompass® System Administration Services

We are Encompass® Certified Administrators

Our Encompass® loan origination system administrators possess the skills necessary to maximize the potential of your mortgage business. We are here to help you adopt, innovate, and achieve digital transformation in the world of mortgages. Encompass is one of the best loan origination systems on the market, equipped with almost everything you need for your lending operation–we are here to fill in the available space in the above “almost.” 

With decade-long experience working with loan servicing softwares, our Encompass administrator can help enhance your system’s automation, manage processes and workload, and help improve system efficiency.


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    Our Encompass Administrative Support Services

    For your Encompass loan origination system, we provide the following support services so your business is always up and running without the slightest delay. We love seeing our customers happy and satisfied. Whether you’re a loan officer or a mortgage branch manager, we offer comprehensive assistance at every stage for a quick and smooth lending process. Our Encompass System Administration services extend to mortgage banks, credit unions, lending companies, and other financial institutions.


    Complete Solutions for your

    Encompass® Admin Needs by Certified Administrators

    Our dedicated Encompass Admins, certified by Ellie Mae (now a part of ICE Mortgage Technology), provide on-demand services for your needs. Each of our system admins is an integral part of our Support and Services team, which includes our other Encompass Mortgage Software Admins, Consultants, and Developers, so if any of our resources at your company are stuck with anything unusual, they have quick access to the answers and solutions from the mortgage tech experts. Our Admins can be your main Encompass administrator or provide backup support to your existing Encompass360 tech staff. This means you get professional guidance for your lending operations without dealing with recruitment processes, contracts, and onboarding expenses. ATI is here to fulfill your needs for reliable, top-notch, and result-oriented Encompass admin assistance at low costs.

    Encompass Administrator Service Packages

    We offer Encompass Admin Services with different packages designed to meet your unique requirements without the burden of hiring a full-time resource. Choose a system administrative plan that aligns with your business goals and enjoy efficient, cost-effective, and customized Encompass administrative solutions.

    On-Demand Administration Support

    1. On-Demand Administration Support

    If your mortgage business requires a responsive solution, our on-demand Encompass admin support is a perfect choice. Access our administrative service whenever you have tasks that demand immediate attention, ensuring a quick and efficient response.


    2. Hourly Admin Consultation

    Does your business need occasional assistance or have infrequent administrative tasks? Our Hourly Consultation package allows you to engage our Encompass administrator services on an as-needed basis. Pay only for the hours you use, providing you with cost-effective flexibility.


    3. Admin on Contract

    Opting for our Encompass Admin on Contract package means you get dedicated administrative support over a specified duration. This commitment ensures a seamless integration of administrative functions into your workflow, allowing for sustained efficiency.


    4. Monthly System Admin

    Ensure continuous and reliable Encompass360 administrative assistance with our Monthly Support package. It's a subscription-based model that provides consistent End-User support throughout the month, allowing you to focus on your core business operations..


    5. Virtual System Admin Services

    Embrace the future of remote support with our Virtual Encompass Assistant Services. Our certified Encompass developers and administrators will handle a range of tasks from a remote location, so there's no interruption in your office premises.


    6. Project-Based Administration

    Encompass® Admin Services customized to your specific projects or initiatives. This flexible approach allows you to access our Encompass administrative assistance precisely when and where you need it, ensuring project success without needing a full-time admin resource.

    Our Ellie Mae-Certified Encompass Admins Execute the Following Tasks


    Reports Management

    Generate and manage general as well as custom reports tailored to different business groups.


    System Optimization

    Optimize the system through recommended enhancements.


    Customize Workflows

    Collaborate with guidance from mortgage department heads and translate their directives into Encompass® workflow.



    Implement automation strategies, incorporating advanced business rules and ensuring the accuracy of existing rules.


    QA & UAT

    Supervise Quality Assurance (QA) & User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


    Encompass 360 Customization

    Tailor Encompass360 through customization, incorporating new business rules using plugins with Encompass SDK.


    Requirements Gathering

    Collect requirements from department managers, end users, and other stakeholders through information-gathering methods.


    System Design Solutions

    Devise specific designs and solutions for system workflows, pipeline views, input forms, reports, dashboards, and print forms.


    User Administration

    Administer company and user setups, roles, and personas.

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    Third-Party Integrations

    Oversee and coordinate the integration of your Ellie Mae Encompass with tools through custom integration solutions.

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    API/SDK Developer on Demand

    Provide services to convert SDK to next-gen API conversions and API integrations.

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    Loan Setup Management

    Maintain updated loan setup settings in line with ongoing business needs.



    Collaborate with the marketing department to produce documentation for system updates and new features.


    Support Ticket Resolution

    Address and resolve support tickets promptly, establishing a connection with the tech team of ICE Mortgage Technology.


    Ensuring Compliance

    Monitor and ensure adherence to state and federal banking regulations and organizational policies and procedures.

    Encompass360 Administrators play a pivotal role in enhancing the loan software performance for mortgage banking businesses, leading to improved loan generation, efficient work procedures, and increased sales. Despite using one of the best loan origination systems on the market–Encompass, having a system administrator can significantly contribute to maximizing the ROI of your Encompass LOS.

    Every organization, be it banks, credit unions, or mortgage firms, needs to have someone on their team who deeply understands the capabilities and possibilities of advanced software like Encompass. To get the best and most out of your loan servicing software, it needs to be administered properly. However, finding a qualified Encompass360 administrator with in-depth knowledge and years of experience working in the loan origination industry is challenging and can be expensive. 

    Our Certified and experienced Encompass360 system administrators play a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of your loan origination process, enabling smaller lending businesses to compete with larger enterprises. We know that hiring full-time administrator services may be unsuitable for small-scale companies. Awesome Technologies Inc. provides Encompass admin services as needed, allowing your business to benefit from expert Encompass support and assistance without the commitment of full-time resources.

    Get the best of

    Encompass On-Demand Administrative Services

    Experience world-class Ellie Mae Certified Encompass Admin Services that bring your mortgage business experienced and skilled administrative support with a reasonable price tag. At Awesome Technologies Inc., we understand that every organization is unique and has different requirements at different instances. To accommodate the diversity, we’ve designed multiple on-demand Encompass service and support plans that meet your needs and fit your budget. Each of our Admins works in collaboration with our certified administrators, developers, business analysts, and mortgage consultants. This teamwork ensures quick and accurate solutions to any Encompass-related challenge or project you entrust us with.

    Also, explore and learn the advantages of our specially designed Encompass plugins, tools, and utilities that will make your Encompass360 experience smoother and faster. 

    Encompass Certified Administrators
    Encompass On-Demand Training

    Learn from experienced Encompass Administrators

    Encompass On-Demand Training

    Our Encompass system admins offer special training programs with precise and adaptable learning curves. Our training services run in correspondence with your company policies, processes, and customizations made to your Encompass loan software. Getting training from our Ellie Mae Certified Encompass Administrators will help: 

    • Ensure an effective transition and utilization of Encompass in your business operations.
    • Provide specialized training for individuals joining your team, tailored to their specific roles.
    • Guide and empower new on-team Encompass admins to manage the system effectively.
    • Design flexible training schedules to accommodate your team’s specific learning needs.
    • Facilitating a smooth shift to updated processes within your organization.


    Our certified Encompass developers and mortgage consultants can customize the coaching sessions to fit your demands. Whether you require Virtual or on-site training, we make sure there’s no compromise on the quality of knowledge transfer.   

    Consult our Business Analysts &

    Find The Best Solution For Your Lending Institution

    With over a decade working with the mortgage industry, our consultants have worked with almost every loan origination system, including Encompass, and are more than happy to share their knowledge to assist you in finding the ultimate efficiency in loan generation and management. Trust us to be your Consulting Partner, and allow us to:    

    • Guide and facilitate implementation or migration to the Encompass loan origination system. 
    • Provide support to launch new products or integrate tools within your mortgage operations.
    • Optimize or automate your Encompass loan software to maximize performance.
    • Conduct in-depth analyses of workflows to upgrade operational processes.
    • Offer expertise in Encompass custom programming & API development to meet specific needs
    Encompass custom programming


    Whether you’re venturing into Encompass® for the
    first time or seeking to refine your current configuration,
    count on us for exceptional solutions

    Our Hand-Crafted Plugins & Solutions Make Your Encompass® Instance Better

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    Discover the transformative power of these incredible tools that fit into your loan-originating system. Built with security and compliance in mind, our plugins adhere to industry standards to safeguard sensitive loan data.

    Limiting Services


    FHA Case Binder


    Adverse Action complete workflow – includes everyday emails and file moves without...


    Notice of Assignment Form/Loan Assignment Manager


    Organizational Details/ Update Fields Using Branch Description


    Cenlar Servicing

    Mortgage Loan Origination Systems We Serve

    Our experts can work on every major LOS to make your mortgage operations swift.
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    We Offer Services You Deserve

    With years of experience working with Encompass360, we have served several mortgage companies to ease their lending operations by implementing Encompass LOS, optimizing it, and providing first-hand administration services. Our diverse team of Encompass Admins, Developers, and Consultants are ever ready to take on new challenges and help you get the best out of your lending software. We serve every client as our first one, meaning even your 1000th interaction with our Encompass Administrators is as smooth and dedicated as the first one. At Awesome Technologies, we ensure we are only done when you are 100% happy and satisfied. If you are ready to move forward with our Administrative support and services for your Encompass platform, call us at (877-284-4968).

    Lawrence Lebron
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    "Based in Southern California, our mortgage company experienced exponential growth over the last 18 months at it would not have been possible had it not for ATI. Their contribution tools and customization allowed us to manage our growth and reduce risk."
    Northern Mortgage
    Pava J Leyrer CMC, CRMS, CMP | Chief Operating Officer
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    "We worked with ATI on several projects and tasks. They were very attentive to our situation and needs. When presenting our issues they worked to provide solutions to improve our operations."
    Mark Todd
    National Sales & Client Services Manager
    Byte Software, LLC
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    "In my tenured experience with ATI, I am unaware of a missed expectation. I continue to refer their services because our clients tell us, “They delivered what they promised.” Additionally, team-members are consummate professionals, and it’s with great confidence that I refer their services."
    Lance Logan
    COO - Great Western Financial Services
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    "ATI have been very effective in listening to our needs and then converting those ideas into actual results and processes in Encompass. Team’s experience in the mortgage industry with other companies has also helped. We believe we have avoided some delays and missteps by getting their feedback on what has and has not worked in the past."


    Helping customers to create better mortgage experience

    Looking For Something Else?

    Find answers to common questions about our Encompass® System Administration Services

    An Encompass System Admin has several responsibilities, including: 

    • Providing advanced support to users and third-party vendors and handling high-level tasks.
    • Implementing system changes, including updates, customizations, and configurations.
    • Managing company and user setups, roles, and personas.
    • Overseeing best practices in data governance, quality management, & data sharing.
    • Generating reports and addressing support issues.
    • Focusing on automation and development to enhance workflow efficiency.
    • Creating and maintaining documentation on current technology.
    • Supporting organizational initiatives through software development, & maintenance.
    • Analyzing workflow and user interaction for training documentation development.

    Yes, we can customize the Encompass administrator services to meet your business demands while working closely with your organization to understand mortgage processes, workflows, and goals.

    Yes, our Ellie Mae Certified Encompass360 Admins can help plan and execute the upgrade process and migrations from your existing loan servicing software to Encompass LOS.

    If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Encompass System Administration Services, feel free to reach out.

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