SharePoint Customization Services

At Awesome Technologies Inc, we offer top-notch SharePoint customization services to tailor your SharePoint platform according to your unique business needs. SharePoint customization involves modifying your SharePoint site’s look, feel, and functionality to enhance collaboration, productivity, and user experience.

    Our Sharepoint Customization Solutions

    Your organization is unique, and so should your SharePoint platform. Let us create a bespoke system for you that enhances adoption rates and drives positive outcomes.
    Branding and UI Customization

    Branding and UI Customization

    This involves customizing the look and feel of SharePoint sites to align with your organization's branding, including logo placement, color schemes, fonts, and layout adjustments to create a consistent user experience.

    Custom Web Parts and

    Custom Web Parts and Extensions

    SharePoint provides a set of built-in web parts, but custom web parts can be developed to add specific functionalities or integrate with other systems. Custom extensions, such as event receivers or timer jobs, can be created to automate tasks or perform specific actions within SharePoint.

    Streamline Processing

    Workflows and Business Process Automation

    Workflows help automate and streamline business processes, such as document approval, task assignment, and notifications. SharePoint customization services can involve creating custom workflows using tools like SharePoint Designer or Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow).

    Lists and Libraries Customization

    Lists and Libraries Customization

    SharePoint allows organizations to create lists and libraries to manage data and documents. Customization may involve creating new list types, defining custom columns, or implementing specific metadata structures.

    Integration with External Systems

    Integration with External Systems

    SharePoint can be integrated with other business systems, such as CRM or ERP, to facilitate seamless data exchange and improve efficiency.

    Custom Security and Permissions

    Custom Security and Permissions

    Customizing security and permissions within SharePoint ensures that users have appropriate access levels to information and resources, protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.

    Enterprise Search Configuration

    Enterprise Search Configuration

    Enhancing the SharePoint search experience through custom search configurations helps users find relevant information quickly and efficiently.


    Custom Reporting and Dashboards

    SharePoint customization can involve creating custom reports and dashboards to visualize data, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

    SharePoint Customization Experts At Your Service


    Experienced Team

    Our skilled SharePoint developers deeply understand the platform and its capabilities, ensuring top-quality customizations.

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    Tailored Solutions

    We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver tailor-made solutions that align with your business goals.

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    Timely Delivery

    We are committed to delivering projects within agreed timelines, ensuring you get the most out of your customized SharePoint site as soon as possible.

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    Post-Customization Support

    We offer comprehensive post-customization support and maintenance services to ensure the continued smooth functioning of your site.

    What's in it For Your Company?


    Boost Productivity

    Streamline processes, automate tasks, and create intuitive user interfaces that improve employee productivity and efficiency.


    Enhance User Experience

    Create custom themes, layouts, and navigation structures to ensure an engaging and user-friendly SharePoint environment.


    Tailor to Your Needs

    Customize SharePoint to match your business workflows and specific requirements, maximizing its potential for your organization.


    Increase Collaboration

    Foster seamless team collaboration and communication through personalized collaboration sites and tools.


    From custom layouts to personalized graphics and automated workflows, our SharePoint services will leave a lasting impression on your users.

    Looking For Something Else?

    Find answers to common questions about our SharePoint Customization Services.

    SharePoint customization involves modifying the SharePoint platform to suit your organization’s specific needs. It benefits your organization by improving productivity, user experience, and employee collaboration.
    Our SharePoint experts can perform various customizations, including creating custom themes, page layouts, web parts, workflows and integrating third-party tools.
    We can work with your existing SharePoint site and enhance it with customizations. Starting from scratch may be recommended when a complete overhaul is necessary.
    The time required for a SharePoint customization project depends on its complexity and scope. We provide estimated timelines during the project planning phase.
    Yes, we offer post-customization support and maintenance services to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure the smooth functioning of your SharePoint site.
    Absolutely! Our experts can seamlessly integrate third-party tools and systems into your SharePoint site to enhance its functionality and efficiency.

    If there’s anything else you’d like to know about SharePoint Customization Services, feel free to reach out.

    Lawrence Lebron
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    "Based in Southern California, our mortgage company experienced exponential growth over the last 18 months at it would not have been possible had it not for ATI. Their contribution tools and customization allowed us to manage our growth and reduce risk."
    Northern Mortgage
    Pava J Leyrer CMC, CRMS, CMP | Chief Operating Officer
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    "We worked with ATI on several projects and tasks. They were very attentive to our situation and needs. When presenting our issues they worked to provide solutions to improve our operations."
    Mark Todd
    National Sales & Client Services Manager
    Byte Software, LLC
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    "In my tenured experience with ATI, I am unaware of a missed expectation. I continue to refer their services because our clients tell us, “They delivered what they promised.” Additionally, team-members are consummate professionals, and it’s with great confidence that I refer their services."
    Lance Logan
    COO - Great Western Financial Services
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    "ATI have been very effective in listening to our needs and then converting those ideas into actual results and processes in Encompass. Team’s experience in the mortgage industry with other companies has also helped. We believe we have avoided some delays and missteps by getting their feedback on what has and has not worked in the past."


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    Finest SharePoint Customization Solutions

    Discuss your customization needs and unlock the true potential of your SharePoint platform.

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