15 Benefits of Using Sharepoint For Your Business

Benefits Of Sharepoint for business

Efficient Document Management | Unlimited Customization | Simplified Administration | Increased Productivity | Highly Scalable | Zero Coding | Office 356 Integration & More…


Imagine you run a business that has multiple locations in different cities or even countries. Your company wants to make sure every employee can quickly get the important files they need to work. Ensuring this is way tougher than it seems. Microsoft SharePoint is the solution to this scenario as it allows authorized employees to open, edit, and share docs from anywhere in the world. This means that your on-premises staff and remote workers all get the same easy access to the docs, and all they need is a web browser.

It’s not just for files; companies can use SharePoint to automate tasks, track progress, and share info safely between departments or even outside the company. Depending on what a business needs, SharePoint can be used as a shared repository, blog site, collaboration tool, document management system, making an intranet, or creating an extranet.

But trust us, this is just the beginning. Microsoft SharePoint has many more benefits to offer with its extraordinary features.

Top 15 Features and Benefits Of SharePoint

1. Efficient Document Management

According to research, employees spend nearly 28% of their work time reading and answering emails, and approximately 19% of their workday is used up while looking for information. If we convert it to an hourly basis, it translates to an average of 4.2 hours per day!
Do you see what is wrong here? This figure is enough to understand the bombardment of information that the present-day workforce faces daily, including emails, meetings, sales reports, customer support queries, and much more.

Implementing a desktop-based file system can manage work documents, but what will you do when your remote employees need file access?
Here, the ultimate Microsoft SharePoint comes to the rescue. It allows users to access the needed data without navigating through a sea of irrelevant documents. Suppose your company is using SharePoint Online, which is a cloud-based environment. In that case, your employees can access the data from any location at any time.

Do you wish to know the best part? You don’t have to change your existing practices to reap the benefits of the SharePoint document management system. SharePoint smoothly integrates with the existing Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

2. Unlimited Customization

It’s your choice if you wish to leverage the default SharePoint online features and benefits or customize it according to your specific business needs. You have the freedom to do what you love.

Your team can easily build customized elements for each of SharePoint’s features. Not just this, but you can tailor the complete application interface to match your brand identity and make the user experience more personal.

3. Simplified Administration

One of the most significant advantages of SharePoint is the ease of management. It comes with a central administration console that makes it a breeze for authorized administrators to access, monitor, and update entire operational features, including:

  • Site backups
  • Security settings
  • privilege modification
  • SharePoint upgrades
  • Performance restoration
  • Application management
  • SharePoint farms

This feature gives you complete control over the SharePoint platform from a single dashboard.

4. Real-time Team Collaboration

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One of the greatest features and benefits of SharePoint is its super flexibility. It is a great way to team up with people present internally within your company or those working outside the organization. The admin can grant different access levels to individual team members according to their posts and JDs.

You and your team can work on a file together without any delays; this is the reason many designers, video editors, and developers love using SharePoint for projects.

Another cool thing about SharePoint is that it helps organize information across sites and subsites. Were you out on sick leave? No need to go through tons of emails or missed chats to know what’s happening in the project.

You can use SharePoint online on any device and share documents with your team. Even if you’re offline, you can still work on files, and they’ll sync when you’re back online!

And here’s the best part: you and your team can work on the same document simultaneously. You can chat with your team right inside the document and go back to an earlier version if you need to. SharePoint Online keeps track of all the versions of your file. It’s like having a cool superpower of teamwork!

5. Enhanced Data Security

Large companies and government organizations trust the SharePoint platform to store their critical data. This means you can store your sensitive financial data or your creative masterpiece on the SharePoint environment for collaborative work without fearing data leaks. SharePoint also enables users to set security settings adhering to their unique compliance standards at various stages.

SharePoint uses Microsoft security features like Advanced Data Governance, which helps manage data retention and records. It also has tools like DLP, eDiscovery, and Customer Key, all with consistent controls across Office 365. It’s like having strong security built right in.

6. Project Management

Another way SharePoint benefits your business is by working as an amazing project management tool. With SharePoint, companies can untap tremendous features for effective task and project management. The most important function that SharePoint plays is that it acts as a central hub that stores all the project-related documents.

Moreover, with SharePoint, you can also design workflows that streamline various tasks, including but not limited to project deliverable sign-offs, task handovers, approvals, demo presentations, and client feedback processes.

SharePoint makes things easy by connecting with your MS Outlook and Calendar. This helps you organize tasks and schedules, making it simple to prioritize your work. Also, you can share your SharePoint team sites in the Teams app. This way, you can easily access contacts, files, tasks, and more, all in one place—right from Teams.

7. Cost Savings

You may already be paying for SharePoint if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. Here’s your chance to save money spent on third-party apps and tools. SharePoint is all you need to document management and effective collaboration among teams.

8. Increased Productivity

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Imagine that you are a project manager and spend several hours each week searching for files—whether in team chats or endless folders; it can frustrate you.

But not anymore with Microsoft SharePoint!

With all your documents on the SharePoint platform, finding the right file is just a few clicks away. You don’t have to send anyone on a wild goose chase to look for a single PDF file. You can easily arrange each SharePoint site to include only the necessary folders.

It’s not just helpful for managers; it’s great for employees, too. They don’t need to waste time searching for data and can focus more on their main tasks.

SharePoint isn’t just for storing files; it’s a powerful project management tool. When you combine it with other Microsoft 365 apps for your tasks, you’ll definitely see a boost in productivity across your team and, ultimately, the entire organization.

9. Multipurpose Usage

SharePoint is a super duper flexible and multifunction tool. Suppose it’s been years at your company, and now you have been promoted to a bigger and better role or you have learned new skills; this doesn’t mean you need a new tool for new changes; you can still use SharePoint as your main document management or collaboration tool. You can use the old template to start the next one when one project is complete. This will also save you a lot of money because you don’t need to buy different apps. Keep it simple and stick with SharePoint for all your needs!

10. Highly Scalable

SharePoint works for all kinds of businesses, from small ones to really big ones with lots of users. It can handle a massive amount of documents, up to 30 trillion!

This scalability also helps reduce your costs. For example, if your sales team has done a wonderful job and you have tons of projects coming in, you can upgrade your subscription to handle more work. And when things slow down, you can switch to a cheaper plan. It’s like adjusting your toolbelt based on how much work you’ve got.

11. Easy File Versioning & Restoration

Data management isn’t as easy as it sounds and can be extremely tough if you’re on your own or part of a group. SharePoint makes it simple without needing complicated programming.
With SharePoint, data managers or any other employee responsible for the task can handle many projects simultaneously. SharePoint makes it easy to publish or update web content, including articles, blogs, videos, news, and much more. It’s a helpful tool for anyone who deals with a lot of information.

You don’t need to begin every content project from the beginning. There are ready-made templates in SharePoint that you can use. Moreover, you have full control over the different versions of your content. SharePoint saves all the changes you or your team make to a particular file, and if needed, you can restore any previous version. There’s no need to purchase extra tools to backup, restore, or fix files – with MS SharePoint, it’s all in one place.

12. Doesn’t Require Coding

Complicated software can make employees hesitant to use it, and nobody wants to invest in tech that users end up abandoning—business users like platforms that are easy to use and have a simple interface without needing coding skills.

You don’t have to learn coding to make a simple SharePoint site or update a page if you are a non-techie. With the SharePoint lookbook, even non-experts can use templates and ready-made web parts to launch their sites in no time. It’s all about making things simple and quick.

13. Content Management

SharePoint also works as a Content Management Tool that lets you create web pages with different components, including blogs, articles, news, events, forms, and policies for your team or new hires. It covers everything from publishing a web page to updating or approving it.
You don’t have to start from zero when it comes to publishing. You use the existing templates to create web pages. Plus, you can customize the look of your site and add images, videos, and charts. Moreover, you can bring in content from different places, making it all simple and easy.

14. Integration with Office 365 Tools

With SharePoint and Office 365 working together, you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Video, Stream, OneDrive, and other MS tools directly in SharePoint online. In simple terms, SharePoint and Microsoft tools team up to make collaborating with your colleagues a natural part of your daily work.

15. Configurable List Views

SharePoint lists offer several benefits, streamlining collaboration and data management within organizations. Here are some of the prominent benefits of using SharePoint lists:

Version control – SharePoint lists can store a complete log of who changed which fields, when, and by whom.
Data integrity – SharePoint lists can manage data integrity more effectively than Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
Security – SharePoint can help protect against identity theft, data security breaches, and malware.
Integration – SharePoint lists can easily integrate with the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Leverage The Features And Benefits SharePoint Has To Offer For Your Business

It’s no surprise now why some of the biggest firms around the world (more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies) use SharePoint for document management, collaboration, and other tasks. If you wish to be one of them, you are only a step away. Say yes to Microsoft SharePoint and be among the best.

SharePoint offers complete solutions for your company’s IT needs. From content management supporting over 270 file types to easily searching and filtering sites, people, and news, SharePoint lets teams collaborate with minimal effort.

Implementing Microsoft SharePoint is surely a significant investment, but an enormous boost in the efficiency of your teams will make the spending worthwhile.

Do you wish to learn more about the advantages of SharePoint and how it can help your company grow? Contact ATI to discuss our SharePoint Services today!

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