What is Encompass Developer Connect™ Used For?

What is Encompass Developer Connect™

Encompass Developer Connect is a portal developed by ICE Mortgage Technology that offers developers and external software providers access to open APIs, interactive documentation, testing playgrounds, and developer resources. It enables configuration, customization, and administration of loan information through Ellie Mae’s REST APIs.

Encompass Developer Connect empowers developers to build and extend the digital mortgage experience by developing and deploying custom cloud apps, adding new functionalities, and integrating Encompass® LOS with third-party software and data. 

Encompass Developer Connect Key Features – Build, Integrate, Extend

Supercharge your digital mortgage game with Encompass Developer Connect by ICE Mortgage Technology. Access a treasure of useful tools and knowledge to design solutions that make lending smoother, keeping you ahead of the competition.


APIs are pivotal in the Encompass® platform, allowing developers to customize and extend its capabilities. Developers can easily integrate external data and solutions with the provided sample code and snippets, smoothly enhancing Encompass® functionality.

Interactive Documentation: 

This feature simplifies the learning process for developers. Equipped with tools and extensive documentation, it provides quick access to essential information without the hassle of navigating countless pages.

Developer Resources

These are comprehensive, offering user guides, sample codes, and snippets that serve as a valuable knowledge base, assisting developers and lenders in navigating the platform effectively and applying its features to their specific needs.

Developer Dashboard:

It provides lenders with crucial information to optimize the Encompass® Loan Origination System (LOS), enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize efficiency.

API Playground:

For hands-on exploration, developers have access to an API playground. This environment allows them to test Ellie Mae’s APIs and delve into new capabilities before implementing them in real-world applications.

Developer Forum: 

The Developer Forum is like a meeting spot for developers to swap ideas, best practices, and stories about Developer Connect. It’s a community where everyone can share their insights and experiences, making things better for all Developer Connect users.

Benefits of Encompass Developer Connect

  1. Customize Encompass® to Your Needs: Encompass Developer Connect allows developers to customize Encompass® to the specific requirements of a lender’s business. It provides flexibility in creating custom solutions that align perfectly with the unique needs and processes of the organization.
  2. Rapid Deployment of New Functions: Encompass Developer Connect facilitates the swift deployment of new features and capabilities. This agility is crucial in the dynamic landscape of lending, enabling lenders to stay competitive by promptly rolling out innovations and updates.
  3. Efficiency in Cost and Time-to-Market New Solutions: Encompass Developer Connect contributes to cost reduction and minimizes the time required to bring new solutions to the market by streamlining the development process and offering a platform for efficient integration. This efficiency is invaluable in a fast-paced industry.
  4. Working Together on the Developer Forum: A developer forum is where developers interact, share insights, and learn from one another. This community engagement creates a lively environment, promoting the exchange of ideas and best practices among Ellie Mae customers and partners.
  5. Quick and Easy Integration with External Systems: This feature ensures seamless connectivity with external systems and data sources. Developers can integrate Encompass® with various tools and databases, enhancing the platform’s functionality and ensuring a holistic approach to data management.
  6. Leverage Cloud-Powered Custom Applications: Encompass Developer Connect supports creating and deploying custom applications in the cloud. This offers scalability and aligns with modern trends in technology, providing developers with the infrastructure needed for innovative, cloud-based solutions.

Encompass Developer Connect empowers developers to customize, innovate, collaborate, and efficiently deploy solutions in a way that enhances the overall effectiveness of Encompass® for lenders, vendor partners, and LOS users. This, in turn, helps organizations unlock innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of mortgage technology.

Unleashing the Power of Encompass Developer Connect APIs

Let’s explore the potential for innovation within the mortgage sector by harnessing the capabilities of Encompass Developer Connect and the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform APIs.

Loan Management:

  • Create or delete loans: Initiate the creation or removal of loans efficiently.
  • Data field management: Easily handle loan data fields and values, allowing for streamlined management.
  • Bulk operations: Read, write, and update field values for single or multiple loans simultaneously.
  • Search functionality: Locate specific loans using designated fields.
  • Pipeline view: Obtain a comprehensive view of your loan pipeline for enhanced monitoring.

eFolder Integration:

  • Document handling: Easily upload and download documents within the system.
  • Property updates: Modify document properties and effortlessly manage attachments, assignments, or reassignments.

Contacts Management:

  • Borrower and business contacts: Empower users to access and update contact information for borrowers and businesses stored in the Encompass® database.

Custom Data Objects:

  • Dynamic data management: Enable users to create, store, and manage data without predefined standard or custom fields in Encompass®.
  • Support across levels: Apply custom data objects at the loan, user, and global levels for versatile data management.

Webhooks for Real-time Notifications:

  • Event-driven notifications: Receive timely notifications when specific loan events occur in Encompass®.
  • Enhance responsiveness: Keep users informed and enable quick responses to critical events in the loan lifecycle.

Service Integration:

  • Seamless ordering: Allow users to effortlessly order services such as credit reports, electronic verifications, appraisals, and underwriting.
  • Retrieval of reports: Streamline the process of retrieving reports from various service providers for a more integrated workflow.

Setting up Encompass Developer Connect account

Setting up an Encompass Developer Connect account is a straightforward process that requires some essential information. Before you begin, ensure you have the following details at hand:

Encompass Admin Credentials: Username and Password.

Encompass Instance Name or SmartClient ID:

Now follow these steps to create your Developer Connect account.

  1. Open your Web Browser: Launch your preferred web browser and go to the Encompass Developer Connect Portal.
  2. Get Started: Find and click on the “Get Started” button at the center of the page.
  3. Create an Account: On the “Create an Account” page, input your details, including the Encompass Admin credentials.
  4. Provide Information: Fill in all the required information on the page and proceed by clicking “Next.”
  5. Agree to Terms: Take a moment to carefully read and agree to the Terms of Service.
  6. Account Creation Confirmation: After successfully creating your account, you will be directed to the Developer Connect Welcome page.
  7. Access Configuration Tools: To access the Lender MFA and SAML SSO configuration tools, select “My Account,” which is located in the upper right corner.

By following these steps, you’ll set up your Encompass Developer Connect account and gain access to the necessary tools for configuring Lender MFA and SAML SSO.

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