10 Best BI Tools For Mortgage Industry in 2024 

10 Best BI Tools For Mortgage Industry in 2024

As we get close to 2024, the importance and use of business intelligence (BI) platforms for the mortgage banking sector are growing day by day. With the tremendous benefits that BI platforms have to offer to mortgage lenders, including fraud detection, consumer analysis, and better product development, it’s essential to know the right and most effective tools for your mortgage business. In this blog, we’ll list the 10 best business intelligence tools for the mortgage industry.  

Most Useful BI Tools For Mortgage Banking

1. Tableau

Tableau is a powerful data visualization utility that allows mortgage professionals to create interactive and shareable dashboards. It can help in analyzing market trends, customer behavior, and financial data.

Distinctive Feature: Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

Tableau offers a user-friendly interface that allows mortgage banking businesses to create visually appealing dashboards and reports through simple drag-and-drop actions, making data analysis accessible to users with varying technical skills.

2. Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is another popular choice for data analysis and visualization. It integrates smoothly with Microsoft products and offers an amazing set of features for creating dashboards and reports.

Distinctive Feature: Integrates with other Microsoft Tools

Power BI integrates with other products by Microsoft such as Azure, Excel, and SQL Server. This makes it an ideal choice for mortgage bankers already using Microsoft solutions, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.

3. QlikView

QlikSense is a full data analytics and business intelligence tool. You can access it anytime from any device. The touchscreen-friendly interface makes it a popular choice.

Distinctive Feature: advanced AI, and fast cloud platform

It stands out with its unique analytics engine, advanced AI, and fast cloud platform. A cool feature is Search & Conversational Analytics, letting you ask questions in plain language for quick insights.

4. Sisense

Sisense is a business intelligence platform that provides tools for data integration, analysis, and visualization easy for everyone in your organization. It even lets you gather data from different sources like Adwords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. And because it uses in-chip technology, it processes data faster than many other tools. Mortgage banking companies can leverage its capabilities to enhance decision-making processes.

Distinctive Feature: Single-Stack Architecture

Sisense’s single-stack architecture simplifies data preparation and analysis. Mortgage experts benefit from a streamlined process, as it eliminates the need for additional tools, ensuring a more efficient and integrated business intelligence solution.

5. Looker/Google Data Studio

Looker, now part of Google Cloud, is a data exploration and business intelligence platform that allows mortgage businesses to create and share reports easily. It integrates with various data sources (any SQL database or warehouse), providing a comprehensive view of business data.

Distinctive Feature: Easy to use, Powerful Collaborative Environment

Looker promotes a collaborative BI environment. Mortgage brokers, officers, and other individuals can share insights and collaborate in real time within the platform, fostering better communication and decision-making across teams.

6. Domo

Domo offers a cloud-based business intelligence solution that facilitates real-time data visualization and collaboration. Mortgage businesses and brokers can monitor key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions.

Distinctive Feature: Cloud-Based Real-Time Data

Domo operates on a cloud-based platform, allowing mortgage professionals to access real-time data from anywhere. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who require up-to-the-minute information for decision-making.

7. Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI provides analytics and business intelligence solutions with features like collaborative BI and storytelling. It can be useful for the mortgage industry to communicate insights effectively.

Distinctive Feature: Assisted Insights and Storytelling

Yellowfin BI incorporates assisted insights and storytelling features, allowing mortgage lenders and service providers to not only visualize data but also present it in a narrative format. This enhances the communication of insights to stakeholders.

8. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics software. It allows mortgage brokers to create customizable reports, analyze data, and gain insights into their business performance.

Distinctive Feature: Embedded Analytics

Zoho Analytics offers embedded analytics, allowing mortgage businesses to seamlessly integrate analytics into their applications or websites. This feature enhances the accessibility of data insights to clients or partners.

9. Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics, by IBM, provides business intelligence and performance management solutions. Banks and mortgage institutions can use it for reporting, analysis, and dashboard creation.

Distinctive Feature: AI-Driven Analytics

Cognos Analytics incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) for advanced analytics. Mortgage brokers can benefit from AI-driven insights, predictive analytics, and automated reporting, enhancing the depth and accuracy of their analyses.

10. BullzeyeEZ

Last but not least, we present BullyeyeEZ, a product of Awesome Technologies, to you. This all-in-one business intelligence tool is designed to empower mortgage companies and banks to get quick visualizations, actionable insights, and effortless data exploration. 

Distinctive Feature: Made specifically for mortgage firms by mortgage tech experts   

Built with multi-role dashboards, a report scheduler, performance metrics, and a Kanban board, among many more, many mortgage professionals love BullzeyeEZ, and we would be glad to see you on the list! 


In conclusion, as we approach 2024, the mortgage industry is witnessing a significant surge in the adoption of business intelligence (BI) tools, revolutionizing the way lenders operate and make informed decisions. The ten top mortgage business intelligence platforms highlighted in this blog cater specifically to the unique needs of mortgage banking, offering distinctive features that empower professionals in this field.

Awesome Technologies Inc. is a mortgage technology provider based in Dallas, U.S.; we specialize in loan origination system automation, administration, and custom development services. If you work as an individual loan officer or represent a mortgage company, feel free to request a quote for our product and services. Together, let’s make your lending processes easier and faster.

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