How Lenders are Enhancing Encompass® with Mortgage Automation Solutions

How Lenders are Enhancing Encompass® with Mortgage Automation Solutions

Mortgage automation isn’t just a term but a phenomenon taking the lending world by storm. The reason mortgage automation is so important is because it’s your chance to fiercely compete in today’s competitive mortgage market. In the context of Encompass mortgage lending software, automation helps lenders work faster and more efficiently. It helps save time while ensuring accuracy and compliance. While borrowers benefit from quicker service, mortgage lenders can reduce costs and minimize risks.  

But How are Lenders Enhancing Encompass® with Mortgage Automation Solutions?

The answer is our hybrid approach towards Encompass mortgage software automation, which consists of RPA, webhooks, plugins, and cron jobs.

Awesome Technologies is proud to be among the top providers of mortgage automation solutions for Encompass by ICE mortgage technology and other LOS. Our aim is to assist lending businesses, regardless of their size or type, in achieving digital transformation and optimizing their mortgage operations.

Benefits of Automating Lending Operations

Our solutions are designed to improve and broaden the functionalities of Encompass®, enabling lenders, MLOs, and mortgage brokers to automate and simplify various tasks. Here’s why your lending firm needs our mortgage automation solutions:

  • Automated underwriting helps make decisions and manage conditions more effectively.
  • Our solutions simplify the complex task of income calculations and verification, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Our tools streamline the process of creating and delivering disclosures, making it more efficient and accurate.
  • Automating post-closing processes and investor delivery helps speed up the loan lifecycle’s final stages.
  • Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks allows lending institutions to reduce operational costs significantly.

Our Encompass® Automation Solutions Include

Encompass® Utilities, Plugins & Tools

We have designed specialized functionalities to make time-consuming tasks faster and more efficient. 

Cron Jobs

You get the flexibility to schedule tasks at particular intervals that ensure timely execution without manual work.

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

We leverage the power of Encompass Developer Connect™ and exploit APIs to extend and customize the capabilities of Encompass.  


Webhooks facilitate instantaneous communication between applications, allowing the initiation of automated actions in real-time triggered by predefined events.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We utilize AI-powered bots to automate tasks based on predefined rules, minimizing manual intervention and accelerating various processes.

Mortgage Automation Services With ATI

Awesome Technologies is a Mortgage Automation Company where we leverage AI and other solutions to achieve automation in the Encompass loan origination system. With years of experience working with Encompass and delivering excellent results, our system admins are ready to help you achieve efficiency with accuracy. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone number. We’ll be more than glad to help make your mortgage operations swift.  

We also go beyond the ordinary, offering a range of services for Encompass LOS, including consulting, implementation, administration, training, and support. These services are designed to assist lending companies, mortgage brokers, and loan officers reach their goals and overcome challenges within the Encompass® lending software.

ATI Services

ATI Services

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