Encompass PreQual Form $2,495.00

Are you tired of manually filling out pre-qualification forms for borrowers? Do you want to simplify the process and save valuable time? Look no further than our revolutionary Pre Qualification Form Plugin for Encompass® users. Designed to automate the generation of pre qual forms, this plugin will transform how you handle borrower, lender, and loan information.


    Filling out pre-qualification forms for borrowers can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Mortgage professionals often enter the same information repeatedly, wasting valuable time that could be better spent on serving their clients. Additionally, manually distributing letters to various parties involved in the pre-qualification process and managing the associated paperwork can lead to disorganization and inefficiency.


    But no more! With our plugin, you can instantly generate a pre-qualification form with all the details pre-populated. No more wasting time entering information repeatedly or dealing with the hassle of manual paperwork. Our solution empowers you to focus on what matters most. Try our PreQual Form today and witness the transformation in your Encompass workflow. Simplify, automate, and elevate your pre-qualification process with ease.

    Features of PreQual Form

    Automated Form Generation

    Automated Form Generation:

    Say goodbye to manual data entry. Our plugin seamlessly generates pre-qualification forms with borrower, lender, and loan information already filled in. This streamlines the process and ensures accuracy, saving precious time and effort.

    Multiple Recipient Options

    Multiple Recipient Options:

    Customize your letter distribution effortlessly. Choose to send the generated letter to the Borrower, Loan Officer, Seller's Agent, Buyer's Agent, or any combination thereof. Our plugin provides flexibility to cater to your unique workflow and communication needs.

    Easy Documentation

    Easy Documentation:

    Keep track of all communications effortlessly. Every sent letter is automatically filed to the eFolder, ensuring a comprehensive record of all interactions. Say goodbye to the struggle of manual filing and searching through heaps of paperwork.


    Seamless Integration

    Our Pre Qualification Form Plugin fits in perfectly with your existing Encompass instance without any hassle. Just switch in, and the current is ready to flow.

    Customizable Templates

    Customizable Templates

    Tailor your pre-qualification forms to match your branding and style. Our plugin allows you to customize templates with your logo, color scheme, and other personalized elements. Impress your clients and maintain a professional image throughout the pre-qualification process.

    How It Works


    Accessing the PreQual Form:

    Within Encompass, navigate to the Forms tab located in the left-hand menu. This is where you can access the Pre-Qualification Form plugin.


    Generating the PreQual Form:

    Once you've accessed the plugin, you can generate the pre-qualification form. The form will automatically populate with borrower, lender, and loan information, streamlining the process and saving you time.


    Selecting Recipients:

    You can send a copy of the generated letter to various parties involved in the pre-qualification process. These parties include the Buyer, Loan Officer, Seller's Agent, and Buyer's Agent. Simply choose the desired recipients from the available options.


    Filing to the eFolder:

    For your convenience, every generated letter is automatically filed into the eFolder. This ensures that a copy of the letter is securely stored for future reference.

    Don’t let manual paperwork bog you down. Embrace the power of automation with our PreQual Form and experience a streamlined pre-qualification process like never before. Save time, increase productivity, and minimize the risk of human errors associated with manual data entry.

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