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Are the intricacies of loan management causing challenges for your organization? Are tasks done manually, errors in assignments, and overlooked opportunities depleting your resources? Consider the possibility of automating assignments and effectively distributing workloads.


    Loan management can be a complex web of assignments, updates, and manual data entry. The need for more accurate and timely disbursement of loans to specific organizational units can lead to errors, delays, and a drain on resources. Organizations often find it challenging to balance workloads, resulting in missed opportunities and frustrated teams.


    Our Organization Details Plugin offers the ultimate remedy to these challenges. By harnessing the power of the Encompass® Organization Details settings, the plugin seamlessly assigns values to loans based on their unique Organization ID (Org ID). This means no more guesswork, missed assignments, and wasted time on manual input.

    Features of Encompass® Organization Details Plugin

    Credit Source Recording

    Automated Assignment

    Streamline your loan assignment process with our Automated Assignment feature. Once the Organization ID (Org ID) is provided, the plugin assigns Franchise, Team, and Sub-Team attributes to loans. This eliminates manual input and guesswork, ensuring accurate and consistent assignments every time. Spend less time on routine tasks and more time on strategic decision-making.

    Loan Pricing

    Advanced Allocation

    Elevate your loan management strategy with Advanced Allocation. This feature intelligently distributes loans to Branch and Regional Managers based on predefined criteria. Experience enhanced efficiency as loans are automatically directed to the right teams for optimal management. Say goodbye to uneven workloads and hello to a balanced and productive workflow.


    Quick Installation

    We understand the importance of getting things up and running swiftly. Our plugin comes with Quick Installation capabilities, allowing you to integrate seamlessly into your existing loan origination system. With minimal setup time, you can start reaping the benefits of automated loan assignments without the hassle of complex implementation processes.

    Real time Updates

    Real-time Updates

    Stay in the loop with Real-time Updates on loan assignments. As the plugin works magic, you'll receive instant notifications and updates, ensuring you're always aware of the latest developments. This transparency fosters collaboration and empowers your team to make well-informed decisions based on current loan assignments.

    Multiple Recipient Options

    Customizable Settings

    Tailor the Organization Details Plugin to fit your organization's unique loan management needs. With Customizable Settings, you can adjust the plugin's behavior and parameters according to your preferences. Whether it's specific assignment rules or attribute mappings, our plugin adapts to your requirements for a personalized experience.

    Benefits of Encompass® Organization Details Plugin


    Time Efficiency:

    Free up valuable time by automating assignment processes, allowing your team to focus on higher-value tasks.


    Improved Workflow:

    Say goodbye to manual errors and delays, ensuring loans are assigned accurately and promptly.


    Load Balancing:

    Ensure fair distribution of workloads, maximizing your team's efficiency.


    Enhanced Accuracy:

    Eliminate the risk of human error with automated assignment based on Org IDs.

    Say hello to streamlined assignments, improved efficiency, and a more intelligent approach to loan management

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