Encompass Form Search & Navigations $895.00

Are you weary from scrolling through your forms list always trying to find the right screen and maintain your workflow? Does the constant back-and-forth navigating through these forms leave you drained? Envision a solution where you can effortlessly search essential information within these forms, without any added stress.


    Navigating through extensive loan files can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Manually moving back and forth between forms and searching for specific information within them can lead to frustration and errors. This disjointed process often results in wasted time and decreased productivity.


    We've engineered a solution that transforms how you interact with loan files. Our plugin acts as a virtual browser window within Encompass®, offering an integrated approach to navigation and search. No longer will you struggle to find the right form or remember your previous steps. With our plugin, your loan file navigation becomes seamless and intuitive.

    Features of Form Search & Navigations Plugin

    back forward

    Back and Forward Buttons

    Effortlessly switch between forms using familiar back and forward buttons, just like a web browser. Seamlessly progress through your loan file, maintaining a clear sense of direction and revisiting previous steps when needed.

    Research and Content Gathering

    Search Bar

    Locate precise information within your forms effortlessly. Our integrated search bar lets you quickly find specific words or phrases, eliminating the need for manual scanning. Simply type your query and watch as relevant results are highlighted instantly.

    Credit Source Recording

    Work History

    Keep your workflow context intact. The plugin tracks your navigation history, enabling you to retrace your steps easily. Whether revisiting forms or confirming entries, the work history feature minimizes redundancy and maximizes efficiency.

    Customizable and Scalable

    Dynamic Searching

    Retrieve information at remarkable speed. The plugin's search bar updates results in real time as you type. Instant refinement of results minimizes search attempts, saving you valuable time and effort.

    User Friendly Interface

    User-Friendly Interface

    Simplicity is key. The Navigation Buttons Plugin's intuitive interface ensures a seamless user experience. Designed to align with your workflow, this tool enhances productivity from the get-go.

    Benefits of Form Search & Navigations Plugin


    Time Savings:

    Say goodbye to the tedious back-and-forth navigation. Our plugin saves you valuable time, enhancing your overall efficiency.


    Enhanced Search:

    Locate vital information within forms without the hassle, improving accuracy and reducing errors.


    Seamless Workflow:

    Enjoy a smoother workflow as you effortlessly move through loan files, enhancing collaboration and productivity.



    The plugin seamlessly integrates into your Encompass® setup, requiring no complex installation or setup process.


    Maintain Focus:

    Stay focused on the task at hand without getting lost in the navigation process.

    Unlock the door to effortless navigation, supercharged productivity, and instant data retrieval.

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