Encompass Loan NotiFIRE $5,995.00

LoanNotiFIRE Plugin is a powerful solution designed specifically for Encompass®. It addresses the challenges users face in maintaining effective communication and bridging the gaps among stakeholders throughout the loan process workflow.


    The mortgage companies using Encompass® often struggle with communication gaps, delays, and a lack of transparency. Manual communication methods and limited notification customization options hinder productivity and collaboration, resulting in missed opportunities and frustration.


    LoanNotiFIRE Plugin fills the communication gaps by offering advanced functionality and customization options within Encompass®. It enables users to define custom triggers and conditions for notifications, ensuring timely delivery when specific events or milestones are met. The plugin supports email and text message notifications, empowering stakeholders with real-time updates and personalized communication.

    Features of Encompass Loan Notifire

    Easy Documentation

    Built-in Email / Text Message Generator

    LoanNotiFIRE Plugin includes a built-in email and text message generator. Users can easily compose and send notifications to stakeholders directly from within Encompass®. This feature eliminates the need for external email or messaging platforms, streamlining the notification process.

    Credit Source Recording

    Trigger Activation Scheduler

    This feature allows users to schedule the activation of triggers for notifications. Users can set specific dates and times for triggers to be activated, ensuring messages are sent at the desired moments during the loan process workflow.


    Summary Reports

    The plugin provides summary reports that comprehensively summarize all notifications sent. These reports provide insights into the notification history, including the trigger events, recipients, and delivery statuses. The summary reports help users track and analyze notification activity for auditing and compliance purposes.

    Multiple Recipient Options

    Conditional Filters

    The feature enables users to apply specific criteria and conditions to notifications. Users can define filters based on loan attributes, statuses, or other relevant data points. This feature ensures that notifications are sent only to the intended recipients who meet the specified criteria.

    Upload Documents to Loan eFolder

    eFolder Documents Repository

    Users can securely store and access all relevant loan documents within the plugin. This centralized repository ensures easy retrieval of necessary documents when composing notifications, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in communication.

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    Customized Notification Templates

    Users can define notifications' content, formatting, and layout according to their preferences and branding guidelines. This feature ensures consistency and saves time when composing notifications, increasing productivity.

    Benefits of Encompass Loan Notifire


    User-Friendly Template Setup:

    Users can easily create and customize notification templates according to their needs and preferences. The intuitive interface and straightforward setup process make it easy for users to define the content, formatting, and layout of their notifications.


    Plug & Play Solution:

    The LoanNotiFIRE Plugin is designed to be easily configurable. Users can quickly set up and activate the plugin without the need for complex configurations or extensive technical expertise.


    Improved Efficiency:

    Streamline workflow management by automating notifications, reducing manual effort, and eliminating the risk of missed updates or information.


    Compliance and Auditability:

    Maintain a complete audit trail of notifications sent, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and enhancing accountability.


    Real-Time Notifications:

    Receive instant notifications when key events or milestones occur in the loan process workflow, ensuring timely responses and preventing delays. Effortlessly communicate with loan officers, processors, underwriters, customers, and other team members.


    Customer Satisfaction:

    Timely notifications contribute to a better borrower experience, keeping customers informed and engaged throughout the loan journey.

    Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance communication and streamline your loan process workflow. Invest in LoanNotifire Plugin today and experience the benefits of real-time, customizable notifications within Encompass®.

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