Encompass FHA Case Binder$7,995.00

In the dynamic realm of FHA and VA home loans, the difficulties of maneuvering through document processing within Encompass® are well known.

Have you ever encountered the complex challenge of gathering, arranging, and transmitting essential documents to HUD?


    Managing the documents required for FHA and VA home loans within Encompass® can be time-consuming and complex. Coordinating document collection, packaging, and submission to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) involves manual tasks and potential errors, leading to inefficiencies and delayed loan processing.


    Introducing our cutting-edge FHA Case Binder Plugin for Encompass® LOS. This plugin seamlessly integrates into your Encompass® workflow, revolutionizing how you manage FHA and VA loan document submissions. Say goodbye to manual document handling and welcome a streamlined, automated, and error-free process.

    Features of Encompass® FHA Case Binder Plugin

    Easy Loan Data Updates

    Effortless Loan File Retrieval

    Choose from three convenient options—Search Loan, Load Loans from Text File, and Get Loans from Query—to quickly load loan files into the plugin's main grid.


    Binder-Saving Methods

    To File System: Extract and test selected loan files locally before submission to HUD.

    To FTP (HUD): Safely transmit verified loan files directly to HUD, ending manual steps.

    Easy Documentation

    Document Configuration

    Customize the plugin to capture and send the specific document types required for FHA and VA loans, ensuring compliance and completeness.

    Real time Updates

    Real-time Monitoring

    Keep track of the binder process status in real time, allowing you to stay informed at every step of the submission process.


    Completion Notification

    Receive a notification popup once the binder process is completed, enhancing transparency and ease of use.

    Automatic Data Population

    Automated Folder Creation

    Upon completion, a designated folder is automatically generated in the defined file path, containing all exported files and images ready for HUD submission.

    Benefits of Encompass® FHA Case Binder Plugin


    Enhanced Efficiency :

    Drastically reduce manual tasks and data entry, resulting in faster loan processing and reduced turnaround time.


    Minimized Errors:

    Automated processes reduce the risk of human error, ensuring accuracy in document submission and compliance.


    Improved Visibility :

    Real-time monitoring and notifications provide clear insights into the progress of your binder submission, reducing uncertainty.


    Time & Resource Savings :

    Empower your team to focus on higher-value tasks by automating document handling and submission.

    Unlock the Power of Automation for FHA and VA loan processing with our plugin! Streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and accelerate lending

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