Encompass Bulk Importer $2,795.00

Imagine you work at a mortgage firm, where the pace is fast and the loans are plenty. Every day brings a new challenge: trial loans, correspondent lender acquisitions, broker requisitions – each requiring meticulous management.

Imagine importing various loan types from different sources, directly into your Encompass® system.


    Often, mortgage firms may need to import an exhaustive number of loans into the system. These could comprise various types, ranging from trial loans to acquiring loans from a correspondent lender or requisitioning them from a broker. Despite such diverse needs, Encompass presently needs a pre-integrated function to import bulk loans to the system.


    With the ability to import CSV, and Excel files directly into their Encompass® system, managing loan data has never been easier. Bulk Importer is plug-and-play, requiring no configuration unless users need to do specific data translations. The plugin intelligently creates loans and accurately copies data by reading field IDs from the uploaded source file.

    Features of Encompass Bulk Importer

    Loan Folder Change

    Loan Folder Change

    Allows you to easily organize your loans.With a simple click, you can execute the folder change for the selected loan(s). This feature simplifies the process of organizing and managing your loans, making it more convenient and efficient for you. Keep your loan documents in order and have better control over your loan organization with this helpful feature.


    Set Documents Permission

    Provides you with the ability to assign or remove user roles for Loan Documents, granting you control over who can access and make changes to loan-related information. By assigning specific roles, only authorized individuals have the appropriate access level. This helps maintain the security and integrity of the data. Whether you need to grant access or restrict permissions, this function empowers you to customize and control document access.

    Loan Pricing

    Loan Assignment Change

    This function allows you to assign user roles to loans, granting control over who can access and modify specific loan information. By allocating roles, you can customize access levels and permissions, ensuring that only approved individuals have the necessary privileges for each loan. This feature enhances security and data integrity by effectively managing user roles within the loan management process.

    Upload Documents to Loan eFolder

    Upload Documents to Loan eFolder

    With this feature, you can effortlessly transfer and link documents from your local system drive to the Loan eFolder. By simplifying the document transfer process, you can efficiently manage and associate important files with their respective loans, ensuring easy access and organization of loan-related documents.

    Upload Conditions​

    Upload Conditions​

    This functionality allows you to easily add new conditions to a loan. The Condition File will be associated with the selected loan. This feature streamlines the process of updating loan conditions, ensuring accurate and organized documentation of important loan details.