Encompass Auto Role Assignment $3,495

The Auto Role Assignment plugin is a powerful tool that helps management streamline the team member assignment process within your organization’s hierarchy. Leverage the configurable selection criteria to define your team member assignments. This automation eliminates manual user interaction, making the task faster and more efficient for management.


    The current Encompass® system requires users to manually assign roles to different entities, such as file contacts and milestones. This process is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and potential workflow bottlenecks. For instance, loan officers have to assign assistants to file contacts individually, or someone has to remember to add a production manager to a file to ensure they receive notifications.


    The Auto Role Assignment Plugin utilizes the Org ID to create a mapping configuration file, which assigns specific loan roles to team members based on their designation. With this Encompass® plugin, you can automatically add Branch Managers, Regional Managers, and Production Managers to relevant loans, ensuring that notifications are sent timely. This automation makes management reporting easier, provides swift and accurate role assignment, and prevents delays due to manual production load balancing.

    Features of Encompass Role Assignment

    Easy Loan Data Updates

    Assign loans to users in a Round Robin fashion

    It ensures fair distribution of workload among team members, preventing any individual from being overloaded with loan assignments.

    Loan Pricing

    Manage access to daily loan assignments

    This feature lets administrators or managers control and manage access to daily loan assignments. They can define user permissions and roles, ensuring only authorized personnel can assign loans daily.

    Automated Reporting

    Auto-assign LOs to loans originated in Consumer Connect

    This feature automates the assignment of Loan Officers (LOs) to loans that originate through the Consumer Connect platform. It ensures that the appropriate LO is automatically assigned to handle loans coming from this specific source.

    Automated Form Generation

    Auto-assign Underwriters based on different loan criteria

    This feature automatically assigns Underwriters to loans based on configurable criteria such as delegation levels, loan purpose, originating branch, loan type (jumbo/conforming), or any other relevant loan criteria. It ensures the efficient distribution of underwriting tasks based on specific requirements.​

    Automatic Credit Score Capture

    Auto assign the Quality Control team on high-risk loans

    For loans identified as high-risk, this feature automatically assigns them to the QC team. It ensures that thorough quality checks and inspections are conducted on loans that require extra scrutiny, minimizing the risk of errors, fraud, or compliance issues.

    Benefits of Encompass Auto Role Assignment


    Automation of The Assignment Process:

    The Auto Role Assignment plugin automates assigning roles to team members within your organization's hierarchy. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and saves time for both managers and team members.


    Removes User Interaction:

    With the plugin in place, users are no longer required to assign roles to different entities manually. The process is streamlined and performed automatically, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring consistency.


    Eliminates Loans Assignment by Managers:

    The plugin handles the assignment of loan roles to team members based on their designation. This relieves managers from the burden of individually assigning roles, freeing up their time for other essential tasks.


    Provides A Backup Plan:

    In the event that a team member is out of the office or unavailable, the Auto Role Assignment plugin ensures that the production load is balanced by automatically reassigning roles to other available team members. This prevents workflow bottlenecks and ensures smooth operation even during absences.

    Take The Right Decision

    Whether you are a large financial institution or a small credit union, Auto Role Assignment Plugin for Encompass® offers unparalleled flexibility and customization options to meet your unique needs and requirements.

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