Condition Automation Manager - Auto Conditions $2,995

Is Your Underwriting Process Slowing You Down?
Experience unmatched efficiency and risk reduction in loan processing with the Condition Automation Manager plugin for Encompass®. This tool empowers Encompass® users to create customized condition templates tailored to specific loan criteria. By simply clicking a button, the plugin automatically generates and posts a set of conditions directly to loan files as soon as the criteria are met.

    Automating updates to your Underwriting Conditions


    When generating a condition in Encompass®, it's common for users to leave empty spaces in the condition description. This allows the Underwriter to input data for a specific loan so the fulfiller can analyze it. Unfortunately, no feature is currently available in Encompass® default condition templates to link to the loan data. Therefore, if an underwriter wants to modify a condition to align with new loan information, there are no automated options to assist them.


    ATI's Auto Conditions Plugin for Encompass® offers a solution for Administrators to reevaluate and update certain or all conditions automatically on loans that contain FieldIDs in their descriptions. By leveraging field triggers in an XML file, the plugin ensures that the conditions are refreshed with the most current information.The XML file allows users to specify expressions. The plugin then adds these Underwriting Conditions to the loan based on the valid expressions.


    The efficiency of Underwriters is crucial in the loan origination process, as their work’s precision and productivity directly influence whether loans are completed on time or met with errors. By implementing automated updates for conditions whose descriptions are based on loan data, Underwriters can manage their time more adequately.

    By leveraging this tool, you can save over 10 hours of manual effort per month for every 50 closed loans. Imagine the time and energy you’ll reclaim as this powerful solution automates tedious tasks.

    Features & Benefits of Auto Conditions

    Easy Loan Data Updates

    Easy Loan Data Updates:

    Once installed, the Auto Condition plugin updates loan data, eliminating the need for end users to manually update counts or transfer data into customized Word documents for specific underwriting conditions.

    Improved Overall Productivity

    Improved Overall Productivity:

    By automatically creating data changes, the plugin enables your team to start their work quickly, improving productivity.

    Reduced Errors

    Reduced Errors:

    The immediate visibility of data changes also allows users to review them thoroughly, minimizing errors that can cost in the long run.

    Flexible Condition Updates

    Flexible Condition Updates:

    You can update conditions at any time using the Auto Condition Manager, ensuring that it remains adaptable to your changing requirements.

    Immediate Data Changes

    Immediate Data Changes:

    Ensures that data changes are implemented instantly, allowing your team to work more efficiently without delays.

    Quick Application of Conditions

    Quick Application of Conditions:

    With a single click of a button, the plugin applies all underwriting conditions, simplifying the process and saving time.

    Maintenance of Original Conditions

    Maintenance of Original Conditions:

    The plugin maintains the original conditions without creating duplicates, preserving the integrity of the underwriting criteria.

    Multi Layered Condition Criteria

    Multi-Layered Condition Criteria:

    The Auto Condition plugin supports complex condition criteria, affording multiple and/or statements.

    Simple Interface

    Simple Interface:

    The tool offers a user-friendly interface for easy configuration—a simple Plug & Play solution.

    Dynamic Addition and Removal of Conditions

    Dynamic Addition and Removal of Conditions:

    Dynamically adds appropriate loan conditions based on the data and removes conditions that do not apply, streamlining the underwriting process.

    Elimination of Duplicates

    Elimination of Duplicates:

    Underwriting Condition Automation Manager for Encompass® automatically identifies and removes duplicate conditions, ensuring clean and accurate data.

    Automatic Data Population

    Automatic Data Population:

    The tool offers a user-friendly interface for easy configuration—a simple Plug & Play solution.

    Have you ever forgotten to add a necessary condition, despite your best efforts? Try our plugin today, and you’ll never have to worry about missing an important condition again!

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