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In today’s dynamic financial environment, it is crucial to have granular control over user access within Encompass®. The Limiting Services Plugin by ATI empowers Encompass® administrators to set up role-based access controls, ensuring that each user can access only the services and features relevant to their responsibilities.


    Several mortgage lenders face the challenge of spending significant time to improve access permissions within their Encompass® system. While Encompass® offers various built-in features for access control, effectively restricting access to services can be complex. Existing access restrictions may prove inflexible for Lenders who aim to streamline their workflows and require more customized access management.


    ATI's Service Restriction Plugin ensures that Encompass® users can only request services when necessary. This capability helps streamline ordering by preventing inappropriate or premature service requests. By setting up advanced and specific criteria, the plugin allows users to define the conditions under which a service can be ordered. Additionally, it can prevent service orders once certain milestones or specified data entry points have been reached.

    What To Expect?

    With the ability to deactivate services at a certain point, lenders can effectively reduce the potential for incurring orders and dollars spent on stagnant loans. This function also safeguards data integrity and guarantees that loan-related tasks are executed only by competent and well-trained staff at times they are required within the loan lifecycle.

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    Features of Encompass Limiting Services

    Maintenance of Original Conditions

    Flexible Access Control:

    The plugin is easily configurable, allowing administrators to customize access controls and permissions based on user roles and responsibilities. This flexibility ensures that the plugin can be adapted to meet the organization's specific needs.

    Customizable Milestone Spans

    Quick Installation and Setup:

    The installation process is fast, requiring just one day for setup. This streamlined installation minimizes disruption to workflow and allows users to start benefiting from the plugin's features promptly.

    Integration 1

    Plug-and-Play Integration:

    The tool is designed with a plug-and-play configuration, which can be easily integrated into the existing Encompass® instance without complex or time-consuming procedures. This simplicity and ease of implementation contribute to a smooth user experience and efficient plugin utilization.

    Benefits of Encompass Limiting Services


    Enhanced Data Privacy:

    By using ATI's Disabling Services Plugin, administrators can ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data. This helps to protect the privacy and confidentiality of borrower information, financial data, and other confidential loan-related content.


    Compliance with Regulations:

    Many lending institutions are subject to regulatory requirements, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The tool allows administrators to enforce access controls that align with these regulations. It ensures that users can only view the information necessary to perform their specific job functions, reducing the risk of non-compliance.


    Minimized Risk of Misuse:

    Our plugin reduces the risk of unauthorized or inappropriate use of your Encompass® instance by limiting access to specific services or content. It prevents users from accessing data or functionalities irrelevant to their roles, mitigating the potential for errors, data breaches, or misuse of information.


    Streamlined User Experience:

    Users are presented with a customized interface that includes only the services and content relevant to their specific responsibilities. This improves productivity by eliminating clutter and reducing distractions.


    Simplified Administration:

    Encompass® administrators can easily manage user roles, permissions, and access controls. They can define and modify the services available to different user groups, making it easier to maintain security and compliance while accommodating organizational changes and user role updates.

    All In All​

    Our service restrictor plugin is a straightforward solution limiting access to various services for any persona or user. The user-friendly control panel simplifies navigation for users, while management gains the ability to grant or restrict access to specific services for their team as needed.
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