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Switch ETL
Extract, Transform & Load.

Efficient Database Management/Data Warehousing with ATI's Switch ETL

  • Extract, transform and upload data without any hassle. Database management will not be hectic anymore with ATI’s Switch ETL!
  • ATI’s Switch ETL is a specialized product designed to provide our clients with ease of mind to upload, extract and transform data into multiple tables within a database.
  • It offers real-time updates, data syncing logs, along with API Call logs to help keep data sync all the time.

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One Solution for Multiple Data Source Needs

Switch ETL is a wholesome database management platform designed to explore the optimal potential of your data without investing in multiple data management sources.


Data Upload

Upload data into multiple tables in your database.

Data Extraction

Extract data from your database in a fraction of time!

Data Transformation

Real-time data transformation is beyond simple with Switch ETL.

Insightful Decision Making

Timely access to your database allows you to make intuitive and informed decisions.

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What Benefit Does ETL Data Warehousing Offer your Business?

Sync the process to a customized schedule to ensure up to date information.

An Application Log to capture recent activities to all changes and an error log with email capabilities.

Ad-Hoc reporting to create custom reports through the Switch without having to load the LOS.

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